Girls High School Mount Lavinia
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Girls’ High School Mt. Lavinia was started in 1924 with a few students and a few teachers as an English girls’ school. By 2012 after 88 years the school has grown to be a prominent girls’ school in the country with over 2700 students and a staff of over 100, with classes from primary school up to A/L with many extracurricular activities.

We at Girls’ High School believe that, children are born with a wealth of talents and their potential for development is unlimited if these talents are identified, nurtured and guided along proper channels.

------ Message from Principal --------

I consider myself fortunate being associated with this unique institution when she celebrates 98 years of dedicated service to the nation.

May this occasion ins toll in our present and future generations of students a sense of gratitude devotion and loyalty to their school and may they realize that the privileges they are enjoying today are results of the hard work and dedication by her Principals , teachers , past pupils , parents and well wishers. To the present students , especially to the more senior amongst them , we extend our hands to join with us and work for the future progress , of the school.

May the Blessing of the Noble Triple Gem be with Girls’ High School to continue her invaluable service to the Nation.

It is an honor to be the principal of Girls’ High School with a long and rewarding history of achievements in education behind us , our school community continues to move forward together with confidence pride and enthusiasm.

Dear parents , well wishers please keep in touch with us to let us known how we can support your children. In the meantime you can find information and resources available to student in our website.

Our school prides itself in being a place that supports the positive growth of each and every students. We want all students to experience success in this website. There is no option but to active excellent our teacher teams are working to determine what learning out comes are most essential for students to master before the end of this school year in order to be ready for the next level of learning . Our staff is also working hard to reach out to students and families and provide whatever support is needrd.

We wish all of you health and wellness in the days and week to come.

The principal

---------------- Mission ----------------

          Mission is to become the best school in the island and strive to become an excellent example to our fellow schools in Sri Lanka.

---------------- Vision ----------------

Vision is to bring up citizens who are well armed with knowledge and creativity, combined with a peaceful and calm demeanour and ‘a can do’ attitude to encounter challenges in the 21st century. To achieve this we are committed to fulfilling the necessary skills and knowledge criteria prescribed by the Department of Education in Sri Lanka.